debian initramfs script for tinyssh and remote unlocking of luks encrypted partitions.

Updated 3 years ago

scripts for configuration management, continuous integration, containers (docker!)

Updated 3 years ago

Simpsons script generators using RNNs with Tensorflow

Updated 3 years ago

Warthos Hotas Scripts

Updated 3 years ago

A curated list of awesome Arduino hardwares, libraries and softwares with update script

Updated 6 years ago

A no-nonsense kernel tweak script for Linux and Android systems, backed by evidence.

Updated 1 year ago

A template AutoHotKey Script, that can remap the Razer Orbewaver's buttons without the use of Razer Synapse

Updated 4 years ago

A Collection of Scripts Which Disable / Remove Windows 10 Features and Apps

Updated 9 months ago

build cargo crates on a remote host to install them locally

Updated 4 months ago

Greasemonkey script for archiving chatGPT conversations

Updated 11 months ago