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Thank you for considering to contribute to bat!

Add an entry to the changelog

Keeping the file up-to-date makes the release process much easier and therefore helps to get your changes into a new bat release faster. However, not every change to the repository requires a changelog entry. Below are a few examples of that.

Please update the changelog if your contribution contains changes regarding any of the following:

  • the behavior of bat
  • syntax mappings
  • syntax definitions
  • themes
  • the build system, linting, or CI workflows

A changelog entry is not necessary when:

  • updating documentation
  • fixing typos

[!NOTE] For PRs, a CI workflow verifies that a suitable changelog entry is added. If such an entry is missing, the workflow will fail. If your changes do not need an entry to the changelog (see above), that workflow failure can be disregarded.

Changelog entry format

The top of the CHANGELOG contains a "unreleased" section with a few subsections (Features, Bugfixes, …). Please add your entry to the subsection that best describes your change.

Entries must follow this format:

- Short description of what has been changed, see #123 (@user)

Please replace #123 with the number of your pull request (not issue) and @user by your GitHub username.


Please check out the Development section in the README.

Adding a new feature

Please consider opening a feature request ticket first in order to give us a chance to discuss the details and specifics of the potential new feature before you go and build it.

Adding new syntaxes/languages or themes

Before you make a pull request that adds a new syntax or theme, please read the Customization section in the README first.

If you really think that a particular syntax or theme should be added for all users, please read the corresponding documentation first.

Regression tests

You are strongly encouraged to add regression tests. Regression tests are great, not least because they:

  • ensure that your contribution will never completely stop working.

  • makes code reviews easier, because it becomes very clear what the code is supposed to do.

For functional changes, you most likely want to add a test to tests/ Look at existing tests to know how to write a new test. In short, you will invoke the bat binary with a certain set of arguments, and then assert on stdout/stderr.

To learn how to write regression tests for theme and syntax changes, read the Syntax tests section in