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sigoden f430402bf8
refactor: agents dir (#629) 1 day ago
sigoden d645046d2d
refactor: rename bot to agent (#628) 1 day ago
sigoden 52cd3efd6c
refactor: some error messages (#627) 1 day ago
sigoden 7a089d846e
refactor: rename model.max_concurrent_chunks to model.max_batch_size (#626) 2 days ago
sigoden f2378e1725
refactor: rename model.mode to model.type (#625) 2 days ago
sigoden 054e998ff4
feat: serve embeddings api (#624) 2 days ago
sigoden 97c82e565f
feat: cloudflare support embeddings (#623) 2 days ago
sigoden 6d05afc81b refactor: update models.yaml 2 days ago
sigoden 34d568d5e2
refactor: improve rag (#622) 2 days ago
sigoden ba832016f3
refactor: update models.yaml (#621) 2 days ago
sigoden abc588daac
feat: support rerank (#620) 2 days ago
sigoden 2eab71a641
feat: rag hybrid search (#618) 3 days ago
sigoden 3b3d39cef0
refactor: rag add rag_minimum_score config (#617) 4 days ago
sigoden 1fb06ecdc4
feat: qianwen support function calling (#616) 4 days ago
sigoden 98ac7e2b57
feat: support reka client (#614) 5 days ago
sigoden 2f8c694626
feat: support lingyiwanwu client (#613) 5 days ago
sigoden b965c63be0
refactor: minor improvement (#611) 6 days ago
sigoden 62b297e8bb
feat: add `.regenerate` repl command (#610) 6 days ago
sigoden ff284779d9
refactor: make `set max_output_tokens` work for role/session/bot (#609) 6 days ago
sigoden ba884c9fc6
feat: add `.continue` repl command (#608) 6 days ago
sigoden bbdd866eb3
feat: abandon `auto_copy` (#607) 6 days ago
sigoden 189f2271bc
feat: add `.edit session` repl command (#606) 6 days ago
sigoden 72e689fab0
fix: cohere tool use (#605)
cohere cannot specify both message and tool_results in multistep mode
6 days ago
sigoden 638bf32766
refactor: improve code quatity (#604) 6 days ago
sigoden 12872b3d29
refactor: update models.yaml (#602) 1 week ago
sigoden 746b087111
refactor: add/modify rag-related config (#599) 1 week ago
sigoden c1d39e4621
chore: clippy and format (#600) 1 week ago
sigoden 8cbc74e9ad
refactor: change spinner text for rag searching (#596) 1 week ago
sigoden f9847475b8
feat: add rag and bot related cli options (#595) 1 week ago
sigoden 255b194bcc
feat: add `.starter` repl command (#594) 1 week ago
sigoden 64982b4510
feat: rag splitter supports languages (#593) 2 weeks ago
sigoden 492b006db7
refactor: load pdf/docx files (#592) 2 weeks ago
sigoden fe3a22255d
refactor: 'temp' can not be used as name of saved session (#591) 2 weeks ago
sigoden b24cb66309
refactor: bot session shouldn't use non-bot last message (#590) 2 weeks ago
sigoden 95221ade46
refactor: bot dir/file path (#589) 2 weeks ago
sigoden 1f33b3a07a
refactor: rag default_chunk_size (#588) 2 weeks ago
sigoden e9e48f2320
refactor: rename `selected_functions` to `functions_filter` (#587) 2 weeks ago
sigoden c0bfb90b20
refactor: improve openai client (#586) 2 weeks ago
sigoden aa94fb2f83
fix: infinite loop of function calls on poor LLM (#585) 2 weeks ago
sigoden b05b730cb5
feat: add config `repl_prelude` and `bot_prelude` (#584) 2 weeks ago
sigoden fcdfeea548
refactor: rename `function_matcher` to `selected_functions` (#583) 2 weeks ago
sigoden 8615293747
feat: add config `dangerously_functions` (#582) 2 weeks ago
sigoden 822688a06a
refactor: adjust config methods order (#581) 2 weeks ago
sigoden bb867c4fcb
feat: support bot (#579)
* feat: support bots

* refactor with RoleLike

* improve exiting session

* make bot works with rag

* refactor repl assert state

* add bot banner

* repl complete bots according bots.txt

* fix on windows

* remove threadpool executing function callings

* adjust repl left_prompt

* move bot config to global config.yaml

* `.bot` throw err if funciton callings is not configured
2 weeks ago
sigoden 5635ca6a58
refactor: warning model or client don't support function calling (#572) 2 weeks ago
sigoden 93ef6da629
refactor: global IS_STDOUT_TERMINAL (#571) 2 weeks ago
sigoden c26594c3c8
refactor: config refinement (#570) 2 weeks ago
sigoden 171a46eee2
refactor: change error message of the model does not support vision (#568) 3 weeks ago
sigoden ce8d6d750d
revert: feat: use systemInstruction for gemini-1.5-* models (#564) (#567) 3 weeks ago
sigoden 4b27378443
feat: custom more path to file/dirs with environment variables (#565) 3 weeks ago