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SmsForwarder - Not only forwarding text messages, but also a must-have for backup devices!

listens to SMS, incoming calls, and App notifications on Android mobile devices, and forward according to user defined rules to another App/device, including DingTalk, WeCom and WeCom Group Bot, Feishu App and Feishu Group Bot, E-mail, Bark, Webhook, Telegram Bot, ServerChan, PushPlus, SMS, etc.

Including active control of the server and client, allowing you to easily and remotely send text messages, check text messages, check calls, check the phone book, check the battery, etc. (New in v3.0+)

Automated Tasks & Quick Commands, effortlessly automate your life, doubling your efficiency, leaving more time to cherish family bonds! (New in v3.3+)

Notice: Starting from 2022-06-06, the original Java edition code has been archived to the v2.x branch and will no longer be updated!

v3.x is compatible with Android 4.4 ~ 13.0.

Join the SmsF Preview Program (online weekly build updates, be the first to experience new versions & bug fixes).

Upgrade Instructions:


  • Any code/APK of SmsForwarder related to the this repository is for test, study, and research only, commercial use is prohibited. Legality, accuracy, completeness and validity of any code/APK of this repo is guaranteed by NOBODY, and shall only be determined by User.

  • pppscn and/or any other Contributor to this repo is NOT responsible for any consequences (including but not limited to privacy leakage) arising from any user's direct or indirect use or dissemination of any code or APK of SmsForwarder, regardless of whether such use is in accordance with the laws of the country or territory where such user locates or such use or dissemination occurs.

  • Should any entity finds the code/APK of this repo infringing their rights, please provide notice and identity and proprietorship document, and we will delete relating code/APK after examining such document.

  • Privacy: SmsForwarder collects absolutely NO any of your personal data!! Except 1) version information to for stats as the App starts, and 2) version number when manually check for update, SmsForwarder is NOT sending any data without users' knowledge.



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Thanks to the projects below, SmsForwarder won't exists without them!

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