Content fetch and aggregation bot for hugo data-driven websites
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go 1.12
require ( v0.0.0-20190304130815-31be968b7b17 v0.3.1 v1.5.0 v2.0.1+incompatible v1.1.0 v0.0.0-20190301062529-5545eab6dad3 // indirect v1.3.0 v0.1.1 v3.2.0+incompatible v17.0.0+incompatible v1.0.0 // indirect v1.2.0 v1.1.6 // indirect v0.0.7 // indirect v1.10.0 v1.0.0-beta2 v0.0.0-20181012175147-0068e33feabf // indirect v0.0.0-20180306012644-bacd9c7ef1dd // indirect v1.0.1 // indirect v1.8.0 // indirect v0.0.0-20190110000554-dc11ecdae0a9 v1.0.0 v0.0.0-20171029131806-771a37caa5cf v1.1.4 // indirect v1.20.0 v0.0.0-20190402181905-9f3314589c9a v1.2.1 // indirect v8.18.2 // indirect v1.20.0