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Awesome ChatGPT Prompts CLI

This is a command line tool that allows you to select a prompt to use with ChatGPT from the Awesome ChatGPT Prompts or define your own custom prompts.


To install the dependencies needed to run this program, run:

pip install -r requirements.txt

The remote and custom prompts are installed under $XDG_DATA_HOME/chatgpt-prompts

You will also need to have fzf locally installed. If you don't have it already, you can install it by running:

Debian, Ubuntu, etc

sudo apt install fzf

CentOS, Fedora, etc

sudo yum install fzf


brew install fzf then /usr/local/opt/fzf/install


To use this program, run:


Or print the help with:

./ --help

If no command is provided, it will present you with a list of prompts that you can choose from. Use the up and down arrow keys to navigate the list and the Enter key to select a prompt.

You can also use the following commands:

  • update: Update the list of prompts from the remote repository.
  • add: Add a custom prompt to the list.
  • my: List my custom prompts.
  • pr: Helper to create a pull request to add a custom prompt to awesome-chatgpt-prompts repo.


  • Update the list of prompts from the remote repository.
  • Add your own custom prompts
  • Create a pull request to add custom prompts to the remote repository.
  • Delete a custom prompt.
  • macOS and Windows support


The prompts in this tool are taken from the awesome-chatgpt-prompts repository.

I am Using GitHub Under Protest

This project is currently hosted on my personal forge and mirrored on GitHub. This is not ideal; GitHub is a proprietary, trade-secret system that is not Free and Open Souce Software (FOSS). I am deeply concerned about using a proprietary system like GitHub. I urge you to read about the Give up GitHub campaign from the Software Freedom Conservancy to understand some of the reasons why GitHub is not a good place to host FOSS projects.

Any use of this project's code by GitHub Copilot, past or present, is done without our permission. We object to GitHub using the code from this project in Copilot. Given that this program is connected to ChatGPT, which utilizes GPT-3 from OpenAI like Copilot, you would consider this to be hypocritical. We do not have a choice, though; companies like Microsoft and OpenAI restricted their models with private barriers after training their models using open-source knowledge from humans. All people should have access to this technology, but until then we must adapt to and make use of these tools that offer those who utilize them an unfair advantage over those who don't.