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Spiel is a framework for building and presenting richly-styled presentations in your terminal using Python.

To see what Spiel can do without installing it, you can view the demonstration deck in a container:

$ docker run -it --rm

Alternatively, install Spiel (pip install spiel) and run this command to view the demonstration deck:

$ spiel demo present

The first slide of the demo deck The demo deck in "deck view"

Quick Start

If you want to jump right in, install Spiel (pip install spiel), create a file called, and copy this code into it:

from rich.console import RenderableType

from spiel import Deck, present

deck = Deck(name="Your Deck Name")

@deck.slide(title="Slide 1 Title")
def slide_1() -> RenderableType:
    return "Your content here!"

if __name__ == "__main__":

That is the most basic Spiel presentation you can make. To present the deck, run python You should see:

Barebones slide

Check out the Quick Start tutorial to continue!


To learn more about Spiel, take a look at the documentation.


If you're interested in contributing to Spiel, check out the Contributing Guide.