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Minecraft server in docker



Purpose & Overview

A game - open world, building, survival.

Minecraft is written in Java.
This setup is using itzg maintend docker image. Specificly Purpur version which is a fork of Paper which is a fork of Spigot. Few plugings are used which allow to host multiple worlds on the same server.

This setup is written in september 2022 with 1.19.2 being the latest build.
Small edits still go on as of october 2023.

Files and directory structure

└── ~/
    └── docker/
        └── minecraft/
            ├── 🗁 minecraft_data/
            ├── 🗋 .env
            └── 🗋 docker-compose.yml
  • minecraft_data/ - a directory where minecraft stores its data
  • .env - a file containing environment variables for docker compose
  • docker-compose.yml - a compose file, telling docker how to build containers

You only need to provide the files.
The directory is created by docker compose on the first run.



    image: itzg/minecraft-server
    container_name: minecraft
    hostname: minecraft
    restart: unless-stopped
    env_file: .env
    tty: true
    stdin_open: true
      - 25565:25565     # minecraft server players connect
      - 8100:8100       # bluemap
      - 8123:8123       # dynmap
      - ./minecraft_data:/data
      driver: "json-file"
        max-size: "50m"
        max-file: "5"

    external: true




Port forwarding

You must forward port 25565 on your firewall to your docker host if you want it world accessible.

Reverse proxy

Caddy v2 is used, details here.

The minecraft server itself does not need this, but plugins might.
Like lets say dynmap would answer at


map.{$MY_DOMAIN} {
    reverse_proxy minecraft:8123


Setup a DNS A-record for you subdomain - Will work fine if using default port 25565
If you would want to use a different port, but also would prefer your users to not need to enter then google "minecraft srv record" and you should find correct settings.
Like this one.


How to monitor minecraft server using prometheus, loki, granana.


Plugins installation - place the downloaded jar files in to ~/docker/minecraft/minecraft_data/plugins and restart the container.

Why the plugins?
You want one server but you want people to be able to play creative or surival?
Well you need multiverse core.
How do the people move between these worlds?
Well you need multiverse portals.
Should they be able to bring stuff from one world to another? No?
Well you need multiverse inventory.
Should the connecting of worlds with their nether be easy?
Well you need multiverse netherportals.
Should they spawn in lobby on start, but also remember the position in the worlds when entering portals?
Well you need the rest of that shit, EssentialsX and EssentialsX Spawn.

The setup

check if the plugins are loaded using command plugins

creation of the worlds

  • check the worlds present - mv list
    these 3 existing worlds [world, nether, end] are grouped and interconnected and will be used as the survival world
  • create a new world called "creative_world" - mv create creative_world normal
  • teleport to it - mv tp creative_world
  • switch mode to creative - mvm set mode creative creative_world
  • create a new world called "lobby" - mv create lobby normal -t flat
  • teleport to lobby world - mv tp lobby
  • remove monsters - mvm set difficulty peaceful
  • remove animals - mv modify set animals false
  • set adventure - mvm set mode adventure
  • build 2 portals, for survival and creative worlds
  • get worldedit axe using command - mvp wand
  • use left click and right click to select portal area
    after selecting it create a portal named portal1 with destination creative_world - mvp create portal1 creative_world
  • same thing with the axe for survival, with destination to "world" - mvp create portal2 world
  • you can check your portals configuration on server in > plugins > multiverse-portals > config.yml
  • if non OP players cant use portals execute - mvp conf enforceportalaccess false or mv conf enforceaccess false

bonus info
if you have seed mv create snow_world normal -s -5343926151482505487

spawning in the worlds

  • pick a spawn point in the lobby and set it with multiple commands
  • setspawn
  • setworldspawn
  • mv setspawn
  • edit the file in > plugins > Essentials > config.yml
    setspawn-on-join: true
  • you would think we are done with spawns, but nope, fuck you, this all lets the game start in spawn location in the lobby world, but when entering creative world you would be starting from its spawn, instead of last position on exit. So... heres how to fix that.
  • this command for the inventory plugin makes the world remember last location mvinv toggle last_location
    but with just that change the lobby world position is also remembered and users end up spawning inside of portals instead of specific spawn
  • to fix that we set in > plugins > multiverse-inventories > config.yml optionals_for_ungrouped_worlds: false
  • but our lobby world is ungrouped, so we need to add it to a group using command mvinv group and then following the instructions. Writing the answers in to the console without slash, when it asks about shares, giving last_location and ending with @
    This could be helpful too, but it feels like doing unnecessary steps
  • now you should have spawn point in lobby that is always the same, while after entering portals you end up at your last location

Extra Plugins

  • AntiPopup - if you dont want that stupid chat popup so thats AntiPopup.
  • Action Bar Health
    • see mobs health when you fight them, in config I set show on look to false
      I prefered the look of holomobhealth, but its dependancy ProtocolLib is only in beta at the moment, and might be causing issues on my server, did not investigate thoroughly
  • Bluemap - map of the world in web gui, real time.Default port 8100

Something of this is causing server to ocasionally go to super high disk use and needs restart. Not just container, but entire VM. Will maybe investigate.

/update, it was likely caused by using m.2 ssd for storing esxi VMs, switch to sata ssd seems to prevent any more occurancies of this high disk usage

/update2, well since it started happening again, now it seems to be solved by setting up 6GB swapfile, which I.. err.. didnt think it needed.

  • Dynmap - map of the world in web gui, real time. Default port 8123

  • Chunky - pre-generates chunks useful for dynmap to fill black patches

  • OpeNLogin

  • luckperms - manage permissions of players, planned to use, not in use yet. Here is a good video on it.

    luckpers commands

    • lp editor - open browser editor, afterwards it should be confirmed
    • set everything in browser
    • in game lp user Dunco parent set hráč
  • wordguard with word edit, followed this video

Comamnds & settings

  • /gamerule playersSleepingPercentage 1 - use bed whenever, sleep not dependant on other players

  • to import a map, download, extract, copy the directory to minecraft_data
    mv import <directory-name> normal, there should be no spaces in the name

  • /mv setspawn sets spawn point in the current world

  • command block basics


Manual image update:

  • docker-compose pull
  • docker-compose up -d
  • docker image prune

Backup and restore


Using borg that makes daily snapshot of the entire directory.


  • down the minecraft container docker-compose down
  • delete the entire minecraft directory
  • from the backup copy back the minecraft directory
  • start the containers docker-compose up -d