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### Disable automatic TLS certificates and https
One might want to use reverse proxy without buying a domain, and without opening
ports to the world, just for general easier access to some services.<br>
For this [auto_https](https://caddyserver.com/docs/caddyfile/options#auto-https)
directive in global options section can be used.
But also what's needed is explicitly state `http:\\` in the address,
or explicitly state port `80`.<br>
[This post](https://caddy.community/t/making-sense-of-auto-https-and-why-disabling-it-still-serves-https-instead-of-http/9761)
well describes how it works.
auto_https off
http://example.com {
reverse_proxy server-blue:80
test.example.com:80 {
What's also needed, is a way for your browser to be send to docker-host's
ip address when `example.com` is entered as url.<br>
So you need to either edit machines host file, or run DNS server on you
*extra info:* `nslookup example.com` shows to what IP address domain goes
### Redirect
Here is an example of a redirect for the common case of switching anyone that