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Nutomic 3a0c1dca90
Avoid overwriting local objects via federation (#4611)
* Dont allow federation to overwrite local objects

* is_local check in apub lib

* use imports

* fix check, update lib

* use verify_is_remote_object()

* submodule
2 days ago
.github Add SleeplessOne1917 to CODEOWNERS (#4558) 3 weeks ago
api_tests Fixing custom_thumbnail updates. (#4593) 3 days ago
config Rewrite images to use local proxy (#4035) 3 months ago
crates Avoid overwriting local objects via federation (#4611) 2 days ago
docker Fixing docker release (#4592) 1 week ago
migrations Change defaults on user vote display mode to upvotes + downvotes (#4599) 4 days ago
readmes Removing cardano, this was never used. (#4588) 2 weeks ago
scripts Test coverage (#4596) 3 days ago
src Convert all Result<..., LemmyError> into LemmyResult<...> Fixes #4613 (#4614) 3 days ago
.dockerignore Fix entrypoint in Dockerfile (#4202) 5 months ago
.gitattributes Added gitattributes to normalize all files to lf (#3386) 10 months ago
.gitignore Reenable API tests that were accidentally skipped (#4259) 4 months ago
.gitmodules WIP: Email localization (fixes #500) (#2053) 2 years ago
.rustfmt.toml Make `lemmy_api_common` wasm-compatible (#3587) 9 months ago
.woodpecker.yml Fixing docker release (#4592) 1 week ago
Cargo.lock Avoid overwriting local objects via federation (#4611) 2 days ago
Cargo.toml Avoid overwriting local objects via federation (#4611) 2 days ago
LICENSE Initial commit 5 years ago Removing cardano, this was never used. (#4588) 2 weeks ago Change to link to news (#3997) 6 months ago Add link to githubs new issue button for security advisories. Fixes #3734 (#4107) 6 months ago
cliff.toml Adding git cliff to help generate changelogs. (#4522) 1 month ago
diesel.toml Adding diesel enums for SortType and ListingType (#2808) 1 year ago

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A link aggregator and forum for the fediverse.

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About The Project

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desktop mobile

Lemmy is similar to sites like Reddit,, or Hacker News: you subscribe to forums you're interested in, post links and discussions, then vote, and comment on them. Behind the scenes, it is very different; anyone can easily run a server, and all these servers are federated (think email), and connected to the same universe, called the Fediverse.

For a link aggregator, this means a user registered on one server can subscribe to forums on any other server, and can have discussions with users registered elsewhere.

It is an easily self-hostable, decentralized alternative to Reddit and other link aggregators, outside of their corporate control and meddling.

Each Lemmy server can set its own moderation policy; appointing site-wide admins, and community moderators to keep out the trolls, and foster a healthy, non-toxic environment where all can feel comfortable contributing.

Why's it called Lemmy?

Built With


  • Open source, AGPL License.
  • Self hostable, easy to deploy.
  • Clean, mobile-friendly interface.
    • Only a minimum of a username and password is required to sign up!
    • User avatar support.
    • Live-updating Comment threads.
    • Full vote scores (+/-) like old Reddit.
    • Themes, including light, dark, and solarized.
    • Emojis with autocomplete support. Start typing :
    • User tagging using @, Community tagging using !.
    • Integrated image uploading in both posts and comments.
    • A post can consist of a title and any combination of self text, a URL, or nothing else.
    • Notifications, on comment replies and when you're tagged.
      • Notifications can be sent via email.
      • Private messaging support.
    • i18n / internationalization support.
    • RSS / Atom feeds for All, Subscribed, Inbox, User, and Community.
  • Cross-posting support.
    • A similar post search when creating new posts. Great for question / answer communities.
  • Moderation abilities.
    • Public Moderation Logs.
    • Can sticky posts to the top of communities.
    • Both site admins, and community moderators, who can appoint other moderators.
    • Can lock, remove, and restore posts and comments.
    • Can ban and unban users from communities and the site.
    • Can transfer site and communities to others.
  • Can fully erase your data, replacing all posts and comments.
  • NSFW post / community support.
  • High performance.
    • Server is written in rust.
    • Supports arm64 / Raspberry Pi.


Lemmy Projects

Support / Donate

Lemmy is free, open-source software, meaning no advertising, monetizing, or venture capital, ever. Your donations directly support full-time development of the project.

Lemmy is made possible by a generous grant from the NLnet foundation.


  • bitcoin: 1Hefs7miXS5ff5Ck5xvmjKjXf5242KzRtK
  • ethereum: 0x400c96c96acbC6E7B3B43B1dc1BB446540a88A01
  • monero: 41taVyY6e1xApqKyMVDRVxJ76sPkfZhALLTjRvVKpaAh2pBd4wv9RgYj1tSPrx8wc6iE1uWUfjtQdTmTy2FGMeChGVKPQuV


Read the following documentation to setup the development environment and start coding:

When working on an issue or pull request, you can comment with any questions you may have so that maintainers can answer them. You can also join the Matrix Development Chat for general assistance.



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Logo made by Andy Cuccaro (@andycuccaro) under the CC-BY-SA 4.0 license.