8743 Commits (3427c207b0dc8eca0ace1dc25633dd6a76e910ab)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Martín Fernández 3427c207b0
android: bump test activity (#8483) 1 year ago
hius07 e66b26865b
Highlights backup fix (#8479) 1 year ago
zwim e9ba854ff0
DeviceMenu: Colons and more information (#8435) 1 year ago
yparitcher 1b2b4da9e5
Multiswipe menu: return to item page when going up from submenu (#8474) 1 year ago
hius07 3a7cba38c2
Customize page turns tap zones (#8475) 1 year ago
yparitcher 66f97c25f6
Kindle: remove zsync plugin iptables rules (#8471) 1 year ago
yparitcher 5dbeddd2a1
Wifi: toggle when connected even if offline (#8468) 1 year ago
hius07 1c9e21389d
Backup and restore bookmarks/highlights: fix logic (#8473) 1 year ago
poire-z a2d95f5a3f
bump cURL, libjpeg-turbo, crengine (#8463) 1 year ago
Frans de Jonge dcd34d409e
[chore] Change "filebrowser" to "file browser" (#8466) 1 year ago
Frans de Jonge dc88fdc66d
[chore] Fix "Compact items" capitalization (#8465) 1 year ago
Frans de Jonge 59d09f54f8
[bug] Don't translate empty strings (#8464) 1 year ago
yparitcher 8207bdc3e3
BookShortcuts plugin: folder support (#8449) 1 year ago
hius07 0eeb8bd2b7
Backup and restore bookmarks/highlights when switching engines (#8455) 1 year ago
poire-z 6f2fdd96f8
[chore] Fix a few luacheck errors (#8461) 1 year ago
Aleksa Sarai 3461f8af31
Dictionary: disable fuzzy search when CJK words (#8458) 1 year ago
zwim 8ef426d79f
ReaderMenu/FileManagerMenu: deduplicate Exit menu code (#8459) 1 year ago
zwim 1d92ee19fb
Navigation menu: cleanup, use colons in menu (#8442) 1 year ago
zwim e56aae263a
AltStatusBar: cleanup, use colons in menu (#8436) 1 year ago
Frans de Jonge c11ea4f389
[chore] Fix a few luacheck errors (#8460) 1 year ago
hius07 217937a5bc
ReaderPaging/Rolling: deduplicate inverse_reading_order code (#8445) 1 year ago
hius07 c7229d90bc
ReaderHighlight: allow for 2-steps text selection (#8432) 1 year ago
Frans de Jonge 0824886fde
Update translations for 2021.11 (#8452) 1 year ago
hius07 58c4db694e
readersearch: do not show regexp checkbutton in pdf (#8450) 1 year ago
poire-z 1004081098
DocSettings: fix settings not saved when book on read-only FS (#8448) 1 year ago
Aleksa Sarai 6d40c7c7ea
koreader-base: update to include sdcv update (#8446) 1 year ago
roygbyte e995cf1355
Fix typo in ListView doc (#8444) 1 year ago
Aleksa Sarai 7e611ac50c
keyboard: japanese: always put digits as the south gesture for latin (#8443) 1 year ago
Dylan Garrett 26ec5bafe3
[plugin] Display OPDS download titles if available (#8441) 1 year ago
Aleksa Sarai 5709b4c2f1
kopt: correctly handle CJK character detection for space insertion (#8438) 1 year ago
zwim 15778ac939
[plugin] Autowarmth: Fix sanity check for longitude (#8434) 1 year ago
zwim 89064487b7
ReaderDictionary: Colons in menus (#8431) 1 year ago
zwim eb4e958303
[Coverimage, plugin] Colons in menus; unlock sizespinner (#8430) 1 year ago
zwim c6e415d646
[Status bar] Consistent menu entries; Add "centered dot" as separator (#8424) 1 year ago
zwim abcd989ec4
[Status bar] Add custom text to footer (#8419) 1 year ago
hius07 3dabbd5d73
Typeset menu: adds "Reset document settings to default" (#8412) 1 year ago
hius07 e6d2c1cae6
ReaderGoto: adds Go to % (#8395) 1 year ago
Aleksa Sarai cdae66a661 keyboard: japanese: switch to 12-key flick layout 1 year ago
Aleksa Sarai fb0e5fca94 menu: keyboard_layout: add ability for layout-specific settings 1 year ago
Aleksa Sarai cb702fb062 inputtext: add access methods for internal character list 1 year ago
Aleksa Sarai ac907df634 util: add reversible table method wrapping helper 1 year ago
poire-z 1278e19e4a
bump crengine: CSS fixes and optimisations (#8427) 1 year ago
Aleksa Sarai 3fd931bb2f
readerhighlight: ignore cases where no text is selected (#8399) 1 year ago
Aleksa Sarai 7baeebc2d4
dictionaries: switch to far more up-to-date JM(ne)dict (#8413) 1 year ago
Frans de Jonge aa3fa5abfa
[fix, plugin] Gestures migration: check if setting exists instead of assuming it does (#8409) 1 year ago
Martín Fernández 1bba05ff41
Bump android-luajit-launcher (#8404) 1 year ago
NiLuJe d9fc34cbba
Bump base to unbreak lj_wpaclient (#8403) 1 year ago
NiLuJe 4d261d29a4 ProgressWidget: Better contrast in thin mode 1 year ago
NiLuJe bc5da5276d NetworkManager: Always prefer system APs as intended. 1 year ago
NiLuJe 1ff19f8ba7 Kobo: On sunxi, add a delay between the white flash and the sleep 1 year ago