A simple culinary website.
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Based Cooking Website


This is a simple cooking website where users can submit recipes here for credit. There are no ads, trackers or cookies (unless recipes thereof).

This site is compiled and organized with Hugo, using this very simple theme.

Ways to contribute

  • By adding a recipe.
  • Make a recipe and take a nice picture of it if no nice picture already exists. Submitted images should be small .webp files ideally less than 100K or so.
  • Fix errors in recipes or add minor improvements.

Rules for submission

  • Model submission files after example.md. Put them in content/.
  • File names should be the name of the dish with words separated by hyphens (-). Not underscores, and definitely not spaces.
  • Recipe must be "based," i.e. good traditional and substantial food. Nothing ironic, meme-tier hyper-sugary, meat-substitute, etc.
  • Don't include salt and pepper and other ubiquitous things in the ingredients list.
  • Don't include an image unless (1) you took it yourself, and more importantly (2), it actually looks good! Most existing images on this site IMO look like unappetizing NEET photos, so you are welcome to take one a better one yourself and submit it if you make a dish. If you don't know if your image is good, please have a real-live woman in real life approve your photo before you submit it. I'm serious about this, it's a waste for me to wade through disgusting photos in PRs.
  • The file needs to be \n terminated in unix-fashion (if you're on Linux you don't need to care, it should be automatic).

If you fail to do these things, I will close your submission and you will have to resubmit. I am tired of having to fix more than 50% of submissions.

You may include a json file with your personal links/donation addresses in data/authors/your-name.json. See mine (data/authors/luke-smith.json) for a model. You can include: website, donate (general donation link), email or crypto addresses as btc, xmr and eth.


Remember to add tags to your recipe, but try to use tags already used by other recipes.

If your recipe contains no meat or dairy, include the fasting tag. If it includes dairy but no milk, include the cheesefare tag.


Images are stored in /pix.

Each recipe can have a title image at the top and perhaps several instructional images as absolutely necessary.

Do not add stock images you found on the internet. Take a good picture yourself of the actual dish created. If you see a bad or substandard image, you may submit a better one.

Images should be in .webp format and with as small file size as possible. If you submit an image for say, chicken-parmesan.md, it should be added as pix/chicken-parmesan.webp.

If you would like to add additional directional images, they should be numbered with two digits like: pix/chicken-parmesan-01.webp, etc.

Note also that images should have links beginning with a slash in this use case, i.e. /pix/....


This website and all its content is in the public domain. By submitting text or images or anything else to this repository, you waive any pretense of ownership to it, although you are welcome and recommended to give yourself credit at the bottom of a submitted page for you adding it (including personal or donation links).